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If you’ve tried other dating apps, you’ll know that most of them are full of fake profiles and scammers. Safer Date is completely different. We are all about providing a much better way for people to meet online without all of the horror stories.

We want to give you the best online dating experience possible, so we ID-check everyone to eliminate fake profiles, catfish and scammers from the very start. 

We also offer global criminal background checks for premium members for additional safety and peace of mind.

In addition to our safety features, we also give you icebreaker questions to help you to start that all-important first conversation, we stop people from being bombarded by unwanted messages, and we even have a graceful goodbye feature to tackle ghosting!

ID Checks for Everyone | Safer Date

Our ID checks eliminate fake profiles from the very start!

Whether you’re just sick of all of the fakes on other dating apps, you fancy trying something new or you’re new to online dating and want to find a safer way to meet new people – try Safer Date. You can try it now completely free!

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Don't waste time chatting to fake profiles, catfish & time-wasters. Join Safer Date where you can be sure that every profile is a real person. You can also access full criminal background checks for added peace of mind.

All Members
Fully Identified for FREE

All members have to pass our rigorous identity checks before they can join Safer Date. This eliminates catfishing and fake profiles, and it ensures that there is zero anonymity. With Safer Date, you can be sure you're talking to a real person who is who they say they are, and actually look like their photos!

Even Safer With
Background Checks

Safer Date offers global criminal background checks for premium members, allowing you to put your best foot forward for a safer, more intimate, and more fun dating experience. Upgrade to premium for just £14.99 a month to access background checks, video dating and more great features.